Privacy Policy


We understand that your privacy, of both personal and business information, is paramount to your success and our relationship.

We have developed the following policy to describe how we use and maintain your information. Any information we may collect from you is for the sole purpose of serving your personal or business needs.

Your privacy is important to us and we want you to know that we make every effort to keep it safe.

S.C.I Technologies will not sell or share customer information with ANY companies, or individuals, that are not directly affiliated with us for the purpose of marketing or selling their products to you.


Collection of Personal or Business Information

S.C.I Technologies is affiliated with Solar Creations, Inc. We work together with approved vendors to deliver services to you. We only collect and use information that is considered business necessity for the sole purpose of providing excellent customer services and/or rendering related services, this information may be:

  • Personally identifiable data such as names, addresses, social security numbers and similar data that we receive to allow us to administer accounts and other customer service processes for our customers and/or to provide other products and services that may be of particular interest to you or your business.
  • We may collect information for your use of online (internet) products or services for the purpose of continuously monitoring and improving our processes and services.
  • Account balances, account activity, history of payments to our business affiliates.
  • Information received from consumer reporting agencies, such as creditor relationships and payment histories shall be used to only help us to determine relevant business decisions related to your products and services, collect debts owed to us and to protect our legal interests, including property interests.