Frequently Asked Questions



Why Choose SCI for your needs?

We strive to differentiate ourselves through our customer service. We know that relationships are built on trust and we take pride in earning your trust for your security needs.

What number can I call after hours?

You can call 252-321-7006. We use a system that automatically rolls our calls to our “on-call” technicians when received during non-office hours. We take pride in quick response to our customers.

Are calls from or to your monitoring service recorded?

Yes, our monitoring service includes recording and documentation of all calls to help protect the interests of our customers.

Commercial or Industrial

How often should I test my fire alarm system?

SCI follows fire alarm system test schedules as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and your Local Authority. We can work with your local authority to ensure any additional insurance regulations you may have are in compliance with fire alarm system testing requirements. Contact us at 252-321-7006 to find out more about the Fire Alarm Inspection and Testing services we provide.

How can I find out when my last fire alarm inspection was completed and when my next inspection is due?

Our monitoring service can provide this information for you. Call us at (252) 321-7006 to find out more about our testing and inspection services.

Can SCI install cameras that can be accessed and viewed remotely?

Yes, we provide the most modern surveillance equipment in the industry with remote viewing capability. Contact us to learn more about our remote services.

How can I control access to buildings or equipment, or help protect the security of my employees?

We can install industry leading Access Control equipment that is capable of a wide range of solutions. Contact us today to learn more about solutions for your individual situation.

Home Security

I just moved into a house with an existing alarm system. Can you provide monitoring service for my system?

Yes. SCI partners with leading manufacturers and can monitor most major alarm systems. As long as you are not under a contractual obligation with another company we will be happy to provide monitoring service for your system.

Will I have to sign a contract and, if so, for how long?

We do require contracts to provide monitoring service. We can work with you to customize the length of your contract to your specific needs.

Do you install alarm systems for renters?

Yes, as long as you have the landlords permission to install, we can take care of your needs.

Do you offer specials or discounts for alarm installations?

We offer competitive pricing solutions for your individual needs. We are confident that we provide the very best pricing in our industry. Our competitive pricing and responsive, reliable service means that you get the best solution for your individual needs.