Customer Testimonials


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“Thanks to the state of the art fire system designed and installed by SCI, our alarms went off before we smelled smoke. It wasn’t until after we evacuated the building and were checking the classrooms for any remaining students that we saw and smelled the fire! Initially, we thought it may have been a false alarm since we didn’t immediately smell smoke. Out system detected the smoke before we did! Thanks Mike Roberson and Dan of SCI, the Winterville Fire and Police department for a job well done!”

-Cindy S.

“After working with SCI for over 7 years now I can say without hesitation that their knowledge and service is impeccable and beyond reproach. Mike and Dan always respond to any questions I may have and seem to always find the right solution. I would recommend them for any job or task you may be considering. They have my business because they earned it, plain and simple!”

-Chuck B.

“SCI Technologies is very easy to do business with and always provides superior customer service and support.”

-Ryan B.

Project Manager

“Customer service is second to none!”

-James R.

“I have used SCI for years at our plant and can always trust them to do the job right the first time and within budget. You will not find more genuine interest in your satisfaction.”

-Nigel C.

Facilities Superintendent

“Thank you for taking time to listen and solve our security needs.”

-Lee K.